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Breakfast Club

CHILDREN in Farnworth are starting the school day with a nutritious breakfast thanks to a donation as part of our Community Action Awards.

Queensbridge Primary School has received a £500 grant towards the running of its breakfast club.

Jane Twigg, who is a Controller at ATSL as well as a school governor and PTA Chairman, said: “Children need to start the day with a decent breakfast inside them so that all their energy can be focused on learning.

 “The club also encourages children to attend school who are always late or persistently absent. At the moment we can only accommodate 10 children per day but we have at least another 20 who would benefit greatly from this project.”

The Arriva Community Action Awards hand out thousands of pounds to charities and community organisations nominated by our employees.

HR Director Marjorie Haynes said: “The Community Action Awards allow us to support our staff in carrying out their wonderful work in the community.

“I am extremely proud of the work Jane is doing at Queensbridge Primary School and delighted that the Community Action Award has had such a positive impact on their pupils’ health and education.”

As well as getting a hearty breakfast, the club also forms part of the children’s education with games and activities.

Jane added: “At the moment I give all the free time I have to the school as I find it extremely rewarding.

“We have to raise approximately £4,000 a year to support this and other projects at the school so the £500 from ATSL has made such a difference.

“Attendance is up and the children absolutely love the breakfast club so I can’t thank ATSL enough for this.”

Pictured: Greyson gets ready for a busy day of learning at Farnworth Primary School by enjoying a delicious breakfast.


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