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Nursery Visits

Schools and nurseries feel it is an important part of a child’s education to learn about the many services that are integral to a safe and harmonious community.

As an organisation providing a vital service in the heart of the community, we try to support schools in these efforts. Our staff visit schools and nurseries to talk to children about the important service we provide as well as let them take a look around one of our ambulances and learn some basic first aid skills.

ATSL Team Leader George Brown, pictured, took part in a recent visit to Markfield Day Nursery in Leicestershire. He said: “We spent the morning talking to children about the vital service we provide in their community. They also had a fantastic time having a look around the ambulance, sitting in the driver’s seat and turning on the blue lights and siren.

“We also teach them some very basic first aid, explaining CPR and how to bandage an arm. It’s never too young to start learning skills that could one day save someone’s life.

“It is great to spend time in the community and in all honesty I think we enjoy these days just as much as the kids.”


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