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Masternaut aids service improvements

Arriva Transport Solutions strives to continually improve patient experience. Masternaut provides a telematics system helping us to reduce harsh breaking events by 92%.

Masternaut aids service improvements

Transporting over 4,000 vulnerable and often elderly patients daily, this non-emergency patient transport services (NEPTS) provider offers a crucial service to thousands across the UK.

The Challenge - Arriva Transport Solutions takes patient care very seriously. It has a strategic objective to deliver excellent patient experience for those using its non-emergency patient transport services. Patients being transported by this service are typically travelling between appointments to and from hospitals and are in need of assistance because of their medical condition or they require the skill and support of the ambulance crew. Frequently they are in discomfort and their medical condition impacts their mobility making them unable to travel by other means. Arriva Transport Solutions wanted to go beyond vehicle tracking capabilities often associated with telematics. The managers wanted live and detailed information providing insight into driver behaviour, ensuring high standards of safety, as well as the efficient running of the fleet. A smooth ride is imperative in ensuring the quality standards required by the service are delivered.

The Solution - With Arriva Transport Solutions already using the Masternaut Connect platform, the company upgraded its capabilities to monitor driver behaviour using Masternaut’s ecoDrive module.

Using Masternaut’s MuxyGPS and legacy units across its fleet of 480 ambulances in the UK, Arriva can now monitor driver behaviour for all NEPTS drivers across Greater Manchester, East Midlands, West Midlands and South West of the UK, as well as London. By monitoring harsh driving events, such as sudden braking or cornering, Arriva is able to address driving behaviour that can negatively affect patient experience.

The Outcome - Since driver behaviour monitoring was activated in the last six months, Arriva Transport Solutions has seen a rapid improvement in driver behaviour across its entire fleet.

With access to in-depth driver behaviour data, fleet managers at Arriva Transport Solutions can now give detailed feedback on driver performance with the aim of encouraging smooth, safe driving. The use of the in-cab light bar has been alerting drivers to events that indicate poor driving, giving them immediate feedback to improve vehicle handling and safety. Should this not result in an improvement in driving standards, Arriva Transport Solutions can consider whether drivers need additional training.

Since implementation, Arriva Transport Solutions has seen a 92% reduction in negative driving events, such as harsh braking, acceleration and cornering. This reduction has created an even smoother and safer patient experience on Arriva Transport Solutions’ services. Fleet managers have also been able to educate drivers on the negative efficiency impact of idling on the fleet estate, which has since dropped by 70%.


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