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Raymond and Celia Ford

Celia and Raymond Ford from Leicester rely on Arriva Transport Solutions to help them get to and from Ray’s twice weekly appointments at the Leicester Mobility Centre. Married 54 years with six children, 16 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren, the couple have relied on ATSL crews since Ray underwent a leg amputation. Though Celia cares for Ray, she has undergone spinal surgery and suffered a heart attack; both are diabetic. She is unable to carry, lift or help Ray so the support and reassurance offered by the Arriva ATSL crews is a welcome addition to his care.

Raymond Ford

“The ambulance crew get me down the steps, to the hospital and safely back home again. I’ve had a prosthesis made but it needs regular alterations and I have to learn how to walk with it. “I use sticks and it’s heavy and awkward but I’m hoping to get used to it and eventually get the car adapted so we have more freedom in the future. Its early days so we are taking things slowly, we’ll see how it goes. “I’m from here, the whole family comes here at Christmas and it is important we stay here. Without the Arriva crew we wouldn’t be able to get out of the house and go to our appointments and look towards recovery and a future together.”

Celia Ford

“The ambulance service has been really good - they are so pleasant, chatty and cheerful. We have these new ramps but they are heavy and I can’t lift them. The ambulance crew puts them out without a problem. “They have been brilliant, no matter which team we have. Sometimes we have the same team for several appointments and then we get to know them and chat. I have no worries when he goes in the ambulance.”


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