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Steve Derry - Team Leader

From his early career as an Army medic through to his current position in the patient transport service Steve Derry is a man who has dedicated his life to caring for others.

Steve is Team Leader at Arriva Transport Solutions in Nottingham and while he admits his current position can seem a long way from the war zones he used to work in, there are many similarities.

He said: “This job is about looking after people and making a difference. Whether I am caring for an injured soldier or helping a patient receive the care that they need I know I am doing something incredibly important.

“No one wants to go into hospital but if I can make that 20 minute journey more comfortable for the patient then I will do and I will know I have made a difference.”

Steve has worked in patient transport for 13 years and feels a great sense of responsibility and privilege in caring for patients.

He said: “When you are picking a patient up three times a week for a number of years you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t have a special bond with that person. If you see they are having a bad day or not feeling well then it does upset you.

“But I think to do this job you have to be caring, understanding and listen to the patient so you can help them.

“And it isn’t just the patients that we support, it is also their families. I remember I once took an old lady home who was at the end of her life and her son was there and he was extremely upset. This wasn’t long after the death of my own mother and I was able to talk to him and tell him that I understood how he was feeling. I know that conversation made a difference for him.”

Steve believes anyone who is passionate about caring for others should consider a career in patient transport.

He said: “I think if you have an ability to care for people and make a connection with people then you will find a job in patient transport very rewarding. I used to be in the Army but many of the skills I needed in that job are also needed in this one. It is all about making a difference.”


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