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Tour De France

For the very first time, Arriva Transport Solutions was on hand to provide medical provision for spectators at the first two stages of the Tour de France. ATSL was one of eight medical providers for the Grand Départ in Yorkshire on July 5 and 6. The company provided four ambulances and crews for July 5 and nine for July 6. They were part of a team of staff that included 61 doctors, 819 first-aiders and 105 ambulances over the weekend. The ambulances and crews came from Sheffield and the West Midlands and were stationed all over Yorkshire on the opening weekend, including at locations in Leeds, Huddersfield, Sheffield, Hillsborough and Ilkley.

“We played a small part, but an essential one,” said compliance manager Glen Curry. “It was such a big event, they needed a huge number of ambulances and staff to cover the medical provision for all the spectators. It was the biggest deployment of medical care for an event that I have seen. In addition, the roads were closed, so we were already in position if anyone was taken ill. The event was very well attended across the whole route, so there were lots of people. This is the first event like this that ATSL has been involved in and we were so pleased to help support it.” The ambulance crews had to transport four patients to hospital but thankfully there were no serious casualties for ATSL crews to deal with. The event organisers have thanked everyone involved in the smooth running of the medical provision and acknowledged their dedication and professionalism. “It was a really successful weekend and everything went to plan. It was a fantastic atmosphere and all the crews really enjoyed themselves,” said Glen. “We are definitely looking at our options in terms of future events like this.”

“I loved being part of the medical provision for the Tour de France, I thought it was brilliant,” said emergency medical technician Mike Hammond, who is based in Dudley in the West Midlands and worked alongside fellow crew member Lee Whitehouse. “On Saturday, we were right at the start of the race outside Leeds Town Hall and on the Sunday we were in Huddersfield City centre. We only had to take one person to hospital and treat a couple in the tent, which was good because everyone was safe and well. The atmosphere was great and everyone had a smile on their face. I would love to be involved in something like this again.” Phil Baxter and Leon Naylor described the event as “a great experience”. Liam Jones said: “It would be great if ATSL was able to take part in more events like this.” Laura Barrett from Dudley added: “The atmosphere in Huddersfield was unbelievable. We met all sorts of different people and they were all very friendly and helpful. It was nice to work alongside Lee, Mike and Angie Whitehouse from Birmingham and Jayne Green from Dudley. I am proud that ATSL was asked to take part in such a prestigious event.” We would like to say a big thank you to all the crews from the West Midlands and Sheffield that took part over the weekend.


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