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Tablets to take out

Tablets to Take Out (TTO) is an innovative solution developed to assist in improving the hospital discharge process where a patient is ready to go home but their medication is not yet available from pharmacy.

The TTO scheme means that a patient can still be discharged and taken home by Arriva Transport Solutions and our partner, CitySprint, will collect the medication directly from the hospital pharmacy once it is available and deliver it to the patient’s address.

This helps to reduce the number of discharges which are delayed or aborted as a result of delays with medication.

Safe and secure

Robust procedures are in place to ensure all medication transported using TTO is both safe and secure:

  • The pharmacy will be provided with CitySprint unique barcode labels for each medication package.
  • All packages are scanned by CitySprint at point of collection (pharmacy or other designated location).
  • Deliveries are GPS tracked using the CitySprint online system and fully traceable and auditable.
  • A signature is required upon delivery.
  • Any failed delivery will be returned immediately to the hospital.

Vehicle advertising

Our fleet travels 160,000 miles nationwide every week - which means we have some valuable advertising space.

The advert wraps are subject to strict approval processes and will mainly focus on healthcare messages, charities and organisations operating within the communities we serve.


Private hire

Arriva Transport Solutions can carry out private hire work, providing transport to suit the specific needs of our customers.

It may be that a family would like to take a relative to a family event, such as a wedding, and would like the reassurance of having safe and professional transport.

We cover the whole of the UK so we can help a family take a relative on a respite holiday safe in the knowledge that there are ambulance care assistants on hand to offer support.

It may be that someone who is housebound needs assistance moving to another room in their home and require the assistance of our trained staff and specialist equipment.



Having a loved one fall ill on holiday is an extremely upsetting and difficult time for friends and family. Not only is there the distress of caring for an unwell family member in a foreign country but there is also the additional pressure of how to get them home safely.

From collecting someone from an airport or collecting patients by road from mainland Europe, our repatriation service means we can help your friend or relative get home safely so that they can receive the care they need in the UK and continue their recovery at home.


Medical cover

Our highly-trained staff and modern fleet mean we are able to provide professional medical support at a range of public and sporting events.

We have provided medical cover for the Tour de France as well as Motocross and ice hockey matches. And we can even help to make sure everyone has a merry and safe festive season by providing medical cover at Christmas light switch-ons and other community events.

We all hope that public events take place without incident but having professional medical support means people will be in the right hands if there is an accident or they fall ill.


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